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The Power of eLister Pro and EZ ASIN REVEALED!

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This review you’re about to read is real. I didn’t add the final post until I had a chance to actually test eLister Pro and work with it for a while. Continue reading to see what my conclusions are. If you already know you need eLister Pro…

Click Her To Visit The eLister Pro Official Website

I recently started my journey with DS Domination in December 2014 because I wanted to be in the position to help more people online. I was already with a great company and team but my success wasn’t easily transferable to others. So I made the transition over to DSD.

It was fired up to get started in my now company but after I started getting through all the training videos and started posting., I didn’t realize at the beginning how long it was taking me to get up one lousy listing. Then my buddy Craig L. showed me the success he was having and shared eLister Pro with me. Back to this in a minute…

ELP Testimonials

elister pro testimonials elistertestimonials2

Craig Leidheiser and Met Rivers

Craig Leidheiser and Met Rivers UOP Event Atlanta 2015

I ran into Craig recently in Atlanta Ga., at the last Unit of Prosperity event and he told me how much he cleared in December and this past January. (I was there just checking things out). I was like – that’s awesome man! We took this pic and I knew I had to pick his brain when I got back home to find out how he created those results.

He told me he was using this software called eLister Pro. We were on Facebook so I immediately told him to send me his link. I looked at it as soon as I had the chance and was pretty much sold on at least trying it out. My thoughts were, if this thing will help me post faster, that’s all I need to know.

So Craig and I jump on a private Google Hangout and we discussed in detail what this thing is helping him do. I ask question after question even after I knew I was going to buy it anyway.

 What Do You Get With ELP?

  1. Product Purchase – There’s not a real need to keep track of asin’s, you can purchase the sold item from inside eLister Pro
  2. Saves You Crazy Time – Right off the top the ELP software will help you collapse time frames.
  3. Copy Protection – makes it impossible to copy and or research your description to reveal who your supplier is.
  4. Embedded Youtube – You now have the option of embedding a Youtube video inside your product description which is something I haven’t seen anywhere else.
  5. Multiple Images – eLister Pro pulls product images direct from the supplier (usually same ones from Amazon)
  6. 90 Second Listings – Now I’m not even gone lie, I ain’t this fast, yet… BUT it can be done nonetheless.
  7. Pro Templates – I’m really starting to like my professionally designed eBay listings. Before I didn’t concern myself with templates but now that I got them, I going to keep using them.

Click here for eLister Pro

 elister pro 90 second listings


  • Right of the top, I gotta tell you the best part of this product has to offer in my opinion is the amount of time I am saving with my postings! I get bored easily and I honestly don’t want to sit at my computer for a whole hour only to get up 3 listings.
  • I love the EZ ASIN bookmark. Listing 10+ items per hour won’t be possible without it.
  • Probably second best thing I like is the way my listings look. The templates are cool.


  • I don’t like it when I copy and paste my list of keywords into eLister Pro the stack vertically and not horizontally. This being the case, you’re not able to see you keywords while optimizing your title without having to scroll down your list of keywords which adds time to the process.
  • Not enough people know about this product – he*l I found out about it somewhat by accident. The buzz is picking up now though.

Final Thoughts:

I’ve posted several proof videos and linked to others on how eLister Pro is bringing eBay success to many. I even posted my real results listing 10 products in under an hour. On top of that – the very first item I posted sold 3 days later at full price. Then I found the same item on a different website for $149.99 and not the $250.00 it was going to cost me from the original site.

If you took the time to read through this entire review, you may already know which way I’m leaning for this new software. Your instincts would be right, because I am going to recommend this tool for anyone posting on eBay from Amazon.

The reason I can endorse eLister Pro is because I have personally tested and proven (to myself first) and had success fairly quickly from date of purchase. This review your reading right now is from an actual owner of the product you’re considering buying, and not from someone trying to make a quick affiliate commission on a hot product.

That’s not the purpose of this site. The purpose is to provide and unbiased product review for those searching for a serious review from someone who literally has done their homework.

You should have plenty of information at this point to know whether eLister Pro is for you or not… If you feel it is for you…

Be sure and bookmark this site so that you can quickly revisit this site for current updates.

Click Here to get stared with ELP.

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10 Listings Up In One Hour With eLister Pro

eLister Pro One Hour Results

I’m actually amazed at the fact I got 10 listings up in 1 hour! I was slaving away to get up 3-4 measly listings every time I sat down and decided to work. I ended up allowing myself to get distracted and I was off doing “other things” in between each listing instead of setting a commitment goal to just post.

What you’re going to see in in the video below is me UN-distracted listing from Amazon to eBay. I wanted to prove to myself what was possible. Now, I want you to understand that you will get better the more you use eLister Pro. You will eliminate mistakes as you continue to use this powerful software.


 You Won’t Believe What Just Happened!

If you scroll to the 1:30 second mark in the above video and take notice of the very first item you see me listing, SOLD at my full asking price! See images below.

eLister pro sold item elisterprosold2I found the same item elsewhere online for $100 cheaper! For a potential $189.99 profit!

Not in DSD yet? Work with me here.

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EZ ASIN What Is It And What Does It Do?

EZ ASIN (ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number) essentially a downloadable bookmark for MAC’s or PC’s through eLister Pro – this tool is the cream of the crops when it comes to posting amazingly quick on eBay. Dropshipping has never been so simple! It’s a simple download to your bookmarks bar where it sits tight.

Easy Install

Click and Drag and you’re off and running…

Giving EZ ASIN something to do is pretty much as simple as clicking on it and it does the rest! Once on Amazon, select the specialty niche you choose to work in… When you discover it, click the EZ ASIN bookmark and it pulls all of the ASIN numbers to each and every item on the page that you’re working on.

In the event that you need to proceed to the next page and load more ASIN numbers, no sweat for this software, navigate to as many more pages as you feel like, click the EZ ASIN tab and it loads the majority of the items on that second page too and it keeps an exact check of each thing pulled. Snatch any of the ASIN numbers you assembled and pop it over into eLister Pro then click “Pull Product Information” and that is the thing that it does, it pulls all the applicable data that is on Amazon into eLister Pro where the rest gets to be similar to riding a bicycle just much speedier.


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