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eBay Templates Done For You

The average eBay lister doesn’t have a clue or even care about how an eBay seller was  able to create clean and professionally designed templates. This is where eLister PRO comes into the picture. Templates can make or break the success you’re having or not having on eBay.

elister pro template options

If you’ve ever been to eBay for any amount of time and looked around for anything, you probably noticed how some listings look far better than others you happen to click on. Well what that is is eBay listing templates done through HTML coding. Now with eLister Pro you will have several proven templates to choose from with a Premium option now in the works.

Mixed Views On Using Templates

I honestly didn’t care about having templates presenting my listings to the world of eBay. My main area of concern was getting my listings up quicker! When I came across items that had a template in the beginning I thought they looked tacky. Some of them were. But admittedly, some of them look pretty awesome. I still wasn’t impressed because I knew from experience how long that musta took to get it to look all fancy and sh*t.

Having said that, I’m not opposed to using templates for eBay as long as it was fast and I didn’t have to do any extra work on top of what I was already doing with my listings. Low and behold one of the features inside eLister Pro is a cache of templates to choose from. You could use a simple one up to a more fancy one with Youtube video insertion options.

I’m keep things simple. I realize video is king so I will utilize that function on the items I really want to jazz up.

Competing With eBay Stores

eBay storeSome of the items you land on inside of eBay are inside of these well established eBay  stores that have been around for many many years. A lot of them use these templates to move their items faster but how can you compete with them?

The answer is eLister Pro. On the Helpful Article page at the top will lead you to a video I did showing you just how simple selecting a template is during your listing process. All I can say is it takes less effort than uploading pictures on eBay for all your listings. In fact, it’s a lot easier and light years faster!

If you want to see what I’m talking about in more detail visit the eLister Pro official website here.

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