EZ ASIN What Is It And What Does It Do?

EZ ASIN (ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number) essentially a downloadable bookmark for MAC’s or PC’s through eLister Pro – this tool is the cream of the crops when it comes to posting amazingly quick on eBay. Dropshipping has never been so simple! It’s a simple download to your bookmarks bar where it sits tight.

Easy Install

Click and Drag and you’re off and running…

Giving EZ ASIN something to do is pretty much as simple as clicking on it and it does the rest! Once on Amazon, select the specialty niche you choose to work in… When you discover it, click the EZ ASIN bookmark and it pulls all of the ASIN numbers to each and every item on the page that you’re working on.

In the event that you need to proceed to the next page and load more ASIN numbers, no sweat for this software, navigate to as many more pages as you feel like, click the EZ ASIN tab and it loads the majority of the items on that second page too and it keeps an exact check of each thing pulled. Snatch any of the ASIN numbers you assembled and pop it over into eLister Pro then click “Pull Product Information” and that is the thing that it does, it pulls all the applicable data that is on Amazon into eLister Pro where the rest gets to be similar to riding a bicycle just much speedier.


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