Dropship Mogul Review Case Studies and eLister Pro

5.17.2015 – Dropship Mogul Listing Management Dashboard

Listing Management Dashboard

Note: “Items have to be listed inside of Elister Pro in order to work in conjunction with the Listing Management Dashboard.”

Here is the latest update to Dropship Mogul, and in fact it’s a much needed improvement that I’m finding to be very helpful since the other tool I pay for to do much of the same isn’t working so well. It’s called the “Listing Management Dashboard” The cost of LMD is a one time $47 for the year which runs until 5/24/2015 midnight at this price then it goes to $9.99/month.

The (LMD) alerts you to any listings you have that are either Out of Stock or had a Price Increases/Decreases, and more. Here’s the importance of having this information at the ready. How do you know when an item you listed has gone up in price? You really don’t unless you have some sort of tool or software that has that info in real time. Not to mention, lost profit!

Listing Management Dashboard May Prevent The Loss Of Profits

It’s tough to get out of a sale when a buyer actually sends the money to your Paypal account for an item that you didn’t know – went up in price. Depending on the circumstances, you may find yourself SOL. Think about this for a second… because you didn’t know the supplier went up on the price well beyond your profit margin – you now have limited options.

(1) You can take the loss.
(2) You decide to back out of the deal, which upsets the buyer which usually means you’ll receive NEGATIVE FEEDBACK and so on. Using the Listing Management Dashboard helps you avoid these situations.

None of what you just read above matters unless you own Elister Pro

There is information inside of Dropship Mogul that every e-commerce dropshipper should know and have continued access to. It’s not as if all eBay listing courses contain the most current information presented by an eBay “power seller” who is sharing all he knows that has made him successful with the unique strategies inside DSM.


With more modules soon to be added, there is absolutely no reason you should go without owning this valuable resource. Dropship Mogul is the most exceptional and conscientious eCommerce preparing accessible anyplace on the web. Whether you’re new, middle or propelled Dropship Mogul will help you take your eCommerce business to the following level.

Click Here For Dropship Mogul at $47.00

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: From the the product owner Jacque T. Morris – In the future the price will increase to $197, $297 and $497. His reason is because he will be adding lots of Amazon Dropshipping and FBA information to Dropship Mogul. To learn just Amazon Dropshipping runs on average around $500, however Dropship Mogul is going to be a very comprehensive and complete e-commerce one-stop shop product.

In my opinion, Dropship Mogul is worth every penny of $47.00. I learned some things that I know would have taken a long time to come across this information on my own. ~Met Rivers


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