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Testimonials From ASINspector Users!

Today I reassigned one of my researchers to other tasks because ASINspector cut his workload by 22 Hours Per Week. That is a cold hard cash savings of $17,160 per year. The time it saves is only the beginning; the quality of the research is better than ever so my growth rate increased. I want bottom line numbers not promises when I choose tools to run my business. ASINspector delivers just that!

Mike Collins

Dude, this thing rocks!!!

Neil Twa

WOW! It’s like you knew exactly what we needed! Thank so much for building such an amazing tool! This literally saves me 10-12 hours a week, and I’m just a part timer!!

Jennifer Drury

ASINspector is the ultimate INTEL software. We have been able to find new trends, products we would have never thought of and find out what our competitors are doing very quickly. This has already saved me 100’s of hours and I’m just getting started

Wade Buxton

This is the easiest tool. We never used to do as much research just because of how long it would take. We are now able to list 2-3 additional products a week on our Shopify stores just because of the assistance of the ASINspector. Thanks for letting us test this, not really sure how we would function without it now!

Sarah Briggs

No worries on the testimonial but honestly, I wish you guys were NOT selling this. I don’t want to share. Seriously, this is the best tool we have for our business. Sourcing products takes a lot of effort but this cuts down the time in a HUGE way. I actually enjoy the gems we find with ASINspector. Thanks Lowell

Denis Mills

One word: SOLID!!!

Chris Record

 Get It, Don’t Get It – I Got It!

It baffles me sometimes when I hear people say, “they can’t find the time to list products because of their busy lives” or something to that effect. My thoughts are, you’re right! You don’t have the time because you’re trying to do things the hard way! I use technology to help my run my business. I like to steamline things. I don’t want to sit at my computer all day. I don’t have time for that either…

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But with the ASINspector software, my research is pretty much done for me. It don’t take a lot of time bouncing back from one site to the other when now all I gotta do is hit that little Chrome extension icon in the upper right hand side of my laptop and launch the darn thing! (That’s how my uncle Val talks…) With Elister Pro and now this ASINsepctor – the fourth quarter of 2015 is going to be fantastic! No doubt.

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