Welcome To DS Domination 2015

Met RiversNo, I really mean it – Welcome to DS Domination! I am Met Rivers, your new team mate.


It’s time to have some fun with this business and it’s time to make some serious money with this business!

If you decided to finally look into DSD like I did, then you already know what time it is… I’m happy that I got started when I did because it came at a time when I was disappointed in what I was able to accomplish in the year 2014. Not a particularly bad year, it’s just that I wasn’t able to impact enough people with what I became pretty good at.

The Problem Doing It The Old Way

The challenge I faced when making money online was that I figured a lot of stuff out and was generating a consistent income but I wasn’t able to transfer my skill-set over to more people so that they could find similar or better results.

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So I had to seriously think about what I was doing… Was I going to continue doing things the same way – where I was making money but only a handful more, or was I going to change things up so I could meet that big goal of helping more people?

Well, my decision was to leave my prior company for DS Domination where I didn’t have to be the master trainer (which takes a lot of time). I could just plug people into DSD and they could start making money far more quickly and not need to recruit a sole!

On The Face Of It

On top of all that, I know you just want to know “what I gotta do to make money?” Well Roger’s updated training videos does the absolute best job explaining it. After all, he is the creator of DS Domination.

Once you dive into these videos (that I can’t wait to watch myself) you will quickly come to the realization that you wish you could do this DSD thing faster. The fact is, there are tools that we are all using that gives us a total advantage over everyone who doesn’t own this dynamic and time saving software. At least for those of us who are serious about growing our incomes.

elister pro logoThat product is called eLister pro. I already did you the favor of writing a full review of it over at eLister Pro Review. There’s also an Add-On to this tool names EZ ASIN. Now after using this for about 2 weeks or so. I don’t see how anyone in DS Domination can continue doing this business without owning ELP. In my opinion – it’s a must have.

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