10 Listings Up In One Hour With eLister Pro

eLister Pro One Hour Results

I’m actually amazed at the fact I got 10 listings up in 1 hour! I was slaving away to get up 3-4 measly listings every time I sat down and decided to work. I ended up allowing myself to get distracted and I was off doing “other things” in between each listing instead of setting a commitment goal to just post.

What you’re going to see in in the video below is me UN-distracted listing from Amazon to eBay. I wanted to prove to myself what was possible. Now, I want you to understand that you will get better the more you use eLister Pro. You will eliminate mistakes as you continue to use this powerful software.


 You Won’t Believe What Just Happened!

If you scroll to the 1:30 second mark in the above video and take notice of the very first item you see me listing, SOLD at my full asking price! See images below.

eLister pro sold item elisterprosold2I found the same item elsewhere online for $100 cheaper! For a potential $189.99 profit!

Not in DSD yet? Work with me here.

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